Expand the Financial Capacity of Your Contractor Community

FinCap is a proven program that helps to develop the financial capacity of contractors working on city, state and/or federal projects nationwide. Whether the firm is a prime, first or second tier subcontractor, financial capacity is achieved by increasing their borrowing capacity.


Serving Businesses

Construction providers need the financial knowledge, skill and ability to reliably source funds that support rather than hamper their development. With our comprehensive program, they are prepared to succeed.

Serving Government

Government agencies need to know their contractors are capable of fulfilling their successful bids. When construction contractors are funded to scale, agencies can be confident in the outcome of the bidding process.

Serving Primaries

Primary contractors need to be able to count on their subcontractors. When growing construction businesses are bonded and have the financing to get work done, it solves one of the prime’s most significant challenges.

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How it Works

The FinCap Difference

What makes FinCap unique?

We follow a five step process to move businesses from initial training, to 1:1 customized coaching, and then through a direct, actionable plan to improve credit and source funding. The result is a network of businesses that are truly ready to participate in the bidding process and construction industry.

Fincap supports this training and financial guidance through direct loan placement for financial needs, such as, mobilization, working capital, equipment and other cash flow requirements.

1. Intro Workshop

Full introduction to the Fincap process and requirements.

2.Capacity Assessment

One on one meetings to evaluate readiness for financing.

3. Financing & Support

Introductions for loan placement and support services.

4. Tracking & Facilitation

Tracking and facilitation to ensure loan repayment.

5. Ongoing Support

Ongoing follow-up with DBE participants and their lenders.

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Public Sector

Develop Deep Capacity

A regular pain point for public sector project owners is the depth and breadth of talent in their area. Often project leaders have to look beyond their region to source talent and labor, significantly increasing the cost of delivery.

Today’s civil projects are larger and more complex than ever before. Cities need expert providers with the capacity to perform. FinCap is your agency’s tool to develop that capacity.